Serious Notes Vol. I

“The world is in a sorry state, but for those who enjoy free commie literature, the holidays just came early.”

“circle philistinism” – V. I. Lenin

On another level, the term “internationalist” also allows us to dissociate ourselves from the many counter-revolutionary variants disguised as communists (Stalinists, Trotskyists, Maoists, Bordigists,…)”, ICG

“Preparations were made for our journey to the north, and we took advantage of the remaining hours of the last evening to have a bath.

Together we visited the baths of the Petersburg Soviet Hall and revelled like schoolboys in the delights of a Russian bath. I eschewed the steam chambers, so did several of my companions. Little tubs stand along wooden benches—the hot and cold water taps are plentiful—and you may fling the water about just as you like. Accordingly Losovsky and myself decided to fight a duel. We soaped each other very thoroughly, and after some vigorous massaging we grabbed each a bucket and commenced hostilities. The warfare consisted in pelting bucketfuls of warm water at one another, each exhibiting a new front for attack at every onslaught. One beautifully timed shot of Losovsky’s caught me fairly in the face, and I went spluttering down on the concrete, but not out. I got my own back by an act of unspeakable treachery. Losovsky got some soap in his eyes and “downed tools” in order to rub them. I stood with a nicely filled pail of soft tepid water which I was loth to waste. I gave a small howl, he raised his head and I got him—and the soap too.

After dressing we were shaved, our hair was trimmed (mine did not create any labour unrest in the establishment) and we were escorted to the ante-rooms of the hall and presented with gifts from the Soviet members.”

-p. 320-1, PEN PICTURES OF RUSSIA Under the “Red Terror” (Reminiscences of a surreptitious journey to Russia to attend the Second Congress of the Third International) -1921-John S. Clarke

Chairman Mao Zedong (hereinafter referred to as Mao): We hope the Third World will unite. The Third World has a large population!

President Kenneth David Kaunda (hereinafter referred to as Kaunda): That’s right.

Mao: Who belongs to the First World?

Kaunda: I think it ought to be world of exploiters and imperialists.

Mao: And the Second World?

Kaunda: Those who have become revisionists.

Mao: I hold that the U.S. and the Soviet Union belong to the First World. The middle elements, such as Japan, Europe, Australia and Canada, belong to the Second World. We are the Third World.

Kaunda: I agree with your analysis, Mr. Chairman.

Mao: The U.S. and the Soviet Union have a lot of atomic bombs, and they are richer. Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada, of the Second World, do not possess so many atomic bombs and are not so rich as the First World, but richer than the Third World. What do you think of this explanation?

Kaunda: Mr. Chairman, you analysis is very pertinent and correct.

Mao: We can discuss it.

Kaunda: I think we can reach agreement without discussion, because I believe this analysis is already very pertinent.

Mao: The Third World is very populous.

Kaunda: Precisely so.

Mao: All Asian countries, except Japan, belong to the Third World. All of Africa and also Latin America belong to the Third World.”

Mao Zedong on Diplomacy, Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, 1998.


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